Expert tree surgeons in Essex & Suffolk

Walton's Tree Services is a leading local supplier of tree maintenance services.
We deliver professional tree services, including tree felling, tree cutting, stump removal, tree removal and hedge trimming in Essex and the surrounding counties.

At Walton's, we pride ourselves on being affordable and environmentally conscious.
There are many companies out there that will sting you for clear up but, at Walton's, that's not how we work. All our garden maintenance services are inclusive of garden waste removal and recycling, so we can be sure that offcuts and rubbish get to where it needs to be without harming the environment.
Our team our gardeners and tree surgeons in Essex are happy to offer advice and guidance.
Whether you want us to give your lawn a makeover in time for summer or you’re seeking an expert in tree removal in Essex, please get in touch for a complimentary, no-obligation quote.

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Crown reduction

Form of pruning. Decreasing the extent of the crown, to make the canopy smaller, whilst maintaining the density.

Crown lifting

Removing lower branches of the tree, to increase the space between the base and the crown.

Crown thinning

A form of pruning. Decreasing the density of the crown, via removal of individual branches, whilst maintaining the extent of canopy.

Sectional dismantle

Dismantling and lowering individual parts of the tree to the ground, using lowering ropes under control. This operation is used by tree surgeons to prevent any damage to property below.

Tree felling

Cutting the tree at a low level, using special cutting techniques to bring the tree down whole (only recommended when there is space for the tree to fall in one piece).

Stump removal

Our stump grinder has a large cutter wheel with a number of blades, this is placed onto the stump and lowered progressively until the stump is ground out.

Hedge maintenance

Hedges form a natural healthy boundary around many peoples gardens, however a well presented hedge requires regular trimming to encourage dense foliage and an aesthetic shape.


We offer a professional turf laying service in Colchester and surrounding areas. There is no limit to the size of area you may wish to turf.

Other services

Garden Clearance, Neighbours trees cut back to boundary, Storm Damage / Emergency call-out, Support in the application of local authority planning consents, Advice and Guidance

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