Expert tree felling and tree removal in Essex and the surrounding areas, delivered by qualified tree surgeons. 
If you have an unwanted or dangerous tree in your garden or on your land, you may want it removed. This process is a crucial one if you're clearing a plot of land for development.
Our Tree Removal Services 
At Walton's Tree Services, we offer a variety of services to rid your land of unwanted trees. As well as tree removal in Essex, we offer tree maintenance to tame those that pose a risk. 
Tree Felling 
Tree felling is the process of taking down individual trees. It is a method of removing rotting or damaged trees that pose a risk to yours or your neighbour's property, or to the public. 
Our team of tree surgeons in Essex will expertly cut into the tree you'd like removed, tumbling the tree strategically without posing a risk to other trees, buildings, or people nearby. 
If you're a property development company looking for commercial tree felling in Essex, please contact us and speak to a member of our commercial tree felling team. 
Tree Limbing 
Sometimes, before felling a tree, you will need to remove branches from the tree – also called limbing. You can call on our limbing services if you have a tree that's getting a little out of control, to tame the plant rather than removing it entirely. 
If a large tree is damaged during a storm, for example, you may want to remove large broken branches that pose a risk. 
Tree Removal 
What we call tree removal is a medley of all the above services. Typically, our team would limb the tree you'd like removed and then fell the tree. Once the tree has been taken down, we will treat the roots to ensure it doesn't grow back. This process ensures that you permanently rid the tree from your land. 
Preparing for Tree Removal 
Before we can carry out our tree removal, we must complete the necessary local authority checks, which we'll do on your behalf, free of charge. In some cases, you may need to submit planning applications to ensure the removal of your tree has no ramifications – we can guide you through the process. 
Get Started 
Looking for tree felling, limbing or tree removal in Essex? Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote or to book.

We also offer full tree stump removal, hedge maintenance, and turfing services in Essex and the surrounding areas.
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