Keep your garden looking its best with our efficient and affordable hedge maintenance offering, including hedge trimming, shaping, and removal services in Essex.

At Walton's Tree Services, our experienced tree surgeons deliver both informal and formal hedge cutting services in Colchester, Essex, and the surrounding areas, year-round.
If your hedges are a new addition to your garden, it's vital that you have them regularly maintained to ensure they thrive and grow into what you want them to be. If they're mature hedges, have them managed to keep your garden trim and tidy.
Whether you have a hedge that runs the length of your front or back garden, or just a small feature that sits with your shrubbery, we can help to keep your garden tamed. 

Hedge Maintenance: How Often? 
In winter or spring, you should prune your hedges and then maintain them throughout the year; how often depends on the type of hedge you have and how you'd like it to look. 
If you have an informal hedge (rough around the edges), you should have it trimmed at least once a year. If your hedge is formal and, therefore, requires a clean, shaped cut year-round, it may need to be trimmed up to three times a year. 
When our tree surgeons visit you for the first time, once they’ve finished cutting, they'll suggest a hedge maintenance schedule, so you know exactly when to give us another call. 

Tidy, Efficient, and Affordable 
Some tree surgeons leave their trimmings and charge a small fortune for clear up – but that's not us.
At Walton's, our hedge cutting services are all-inclusive, which means we not only get your hedges looking tip-top but also take all trimmings away – leaving your garden spotless.
Should you have a hedge that's getting in the way or taking over your garden, we offer a hedge removal service. If removing a significant amount of hedge, we may require a specialist vehicle to take all the cuttings away, so please have an idea of square footage and height when booking.
Have a question about hedge maintenance or our hedge cutting services? Get in touch.
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