Taking care of your tree may not appear hard, but believe it or not, pruning your tree the wrong way could lead to a broken and damaged tree if you're not careful. They're easy mistakes to make and here's how you can avoid them. 

1. Cutting the tip of the branches
Cutting just the tips of branches can be detrimental to your tree as it stops growth. It's important to evaluate where you want to prune before just hacking away. You may also think it's best to cut the tree from the top, but without realising this can cause multiple new branches to grow in its place leaving you with a bigger and fuller tree than intended. 

2. Pruning in the summer
It's important to be careful when pruning in the Summer. The leaves help to keep the trees cool, too much pruning can put the tree into stress. Excessive heat can kill and damage trees, especially if the tree is young. 
Remember: trees rely on leaves for food production and shade in the hotter months, so make sure they have what they need to thrive!

3. Water your tree the right wayw
If your tree is new in particular, it's vital to keep it consistently hydrated. At this stage, they are putting in a lot of energy to grow and establish their roots, so hydration helps its development. Keep in mind that it's important to not over water your tree, it still needs air to take in oxygen. As a rule of thumb try and avoid the soil from getting soggy.

4. Using old  or unclean tools
If your tools are old and rusted, it is worth replacing them with new ones as this can be harming your tree. Tools should be clean before trimming to prevent the spread of diseases.

5. Use Mulch 
Mulch is useful to retain moisture for your trees, especially when your trees are new. Mulch is a material that you spread around a plant or over the soil as a protective layer and has many benefits. It's also an excellent insulator for trees as it helps keep the roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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