Trees can make beautiful additions to your garden, many people love and appreciate trees. However, are you aware of the potential dangers that trees can represent? We've curated a list of signs and symptoms to keep your eyes out for, that may be indicating the risk of a tree falling. 

It's important to regularly inspect your trees, particularly in the spring when they leaf, in autumn when the leaves fall off and after any storms. Inspect all sides of the tree and check for any cuts in the tree or peeling bark.

Leaning trees
Leaning trees aren't always a sign of danger, in fact, rarely does a tree grow completely straight. However, if it's abruptly leaning in one direction, it will eventually fall due to the weak weight distribution or because of anchor root damage. If you notice this with one of your trees in your garden, it's best to call a tree surgeon urgently to avoid any accidents. 

Dropped branches
It is normal for branches to fall off trees after recent storms or high winds. However, when trees suddenly drop branches randomly for no apparent reason, it can be signs of decay. This decay may be lurking in other parts of the tree making it necessary to be checked by a professional. 

Large hollow
If your tree has a large hollow form,  it could be due to a small wound getting overtaken by fungi. Younger trees carry greater risk as they don't have the maturity to withstand significant decay and may become weakened. 

Multiple trunks
A tree with multiple trunks can become unstable with the risk of splitting at the point of attachment. It can also grow layers of bark rather than 'strong' wood making the tree weak and at risk of severe damage. 

Check the roots
There are two main root types on a tree, the 'anchoring' and 'structural' roots. If the 'anchoring' roots rot or decay, you may not notice as the tree will still appear healthy and vibrant, however, if the 'structural' roots aren't strong enough, then the tree won't be able to stand. The tree can be dangerous if it has decaying roots, it's essential to check the ground around the tree. 

It's important to be proactive and check your trees! If something looks unhealthy, it's best to get it inspected by a professional, to have comfort in knowing your tree is safe without the risk of it falling. Get in touch, to speak to one of our team members for some professional advice! 

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