Trimming your trees and pruning plants can bring many benefits to your garden. It enhances the aesthetics of your garden as well as encouraging new growth. It helps the plants fight diseases and increases the number of fruit growing on the trees. 

Creates a blossoming garden
Pruning will clean up and improve the shape of plants and adds a decorative touch. Pruning your plants helps them to divert their energy to the healthiest branches resulting in them reaching their full potential with a vibrant blossom. 

Restricting the size of the plants and creating shapes
If you have plants or tree in a small garden, courtyard or even inside, there may be a restriction to the size of plant you can have. Regularly trimming your plants will allow you to have control of the size and the space it's taking up. Aside from managing the time, it's also a chance to create some decorative shapes in your plants. With time and patience, you can create some garden masterpieces.

Grow healthy plants
By regularly removing dead or diseased leaves off branches will help your plants to be healthy and flourish. Leaving dead plants can be an invitation for pests and parasites on already weak plants. 

Grow more fruit
Trimming a fruit-bearing tree will give the plant enough space and energy to produce more fruit. 

Retrieve old/overgrown plants
If your garden has a neglected or overgrown plant, rather than digging it up and replacing with a new plant, it's an option to bring your plant back to life. Removing older branches will give the plant energy to grow anew. 

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