It can be overwhelming to know when the best time is to prune plants. We don't want to take too much off the plant but, we need to keep it healthy and thriving. This guide will give you some advice on the best time to prune your plants. 

Generally speaking, the best time to prune your plants is August as most plants have finished growing for the year and there will be enough time for the plants to heal before the colder months appear. However, there can be some exceptions to this rule. Making sure you prune your plants at the correct time will prevent them from dying or failing to produce fruit. 

The best time to prune the evergreen tree and shrub family is in the spring, this includes evergreens such as Fir trees, Pine trees and plants that don't lose their leaves during the winter. If you prune these plants too close to winter, they will not survive the cold weather. 

The plants that are best to prune during the winter months are those from the deciduous family. These plants lose their leaves as the winter approaches, examples of these are Chestnut trees and Hydrangea shrubs. 

If you have flowering and fruit-producing plants avoid pruning these in the spring as you can risk damaging the plant and preventing it from giving fruit or blossoming. The best time to prune these is in the winter while they're dormant. For fruit trees, the goal is to open up the tree to allow in more light for a better crop of fruit, rather than to get the maximum bloom.

If you're growing climbers and old garden roses that bloom only once per year the same as other spring-blooming shrubs, it's best to prune them after they finish blooming.

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