If you want a beautiful and thriving garden in the summer, it's important you spend time maintaining and caring for your garden in the harsh winter months. Here are our tips on how best to give your garden that 'TLC' it needs. 

1. Mulch your Garden
Mulch enables you to cover and protect your plants and helps insulate heat. To save time and money try using fallen leaves as mulch, it's a smart way nature protects itself against the cold. Collect up the fallen leaves and spread across the soil of your plants, vegetables and flowers.

2. Prepare Ponds and Water Features
Late Autumn is the perfect time to tackle cleaning of ponds or water features when the animals are becoming dormant. Why not try temporarily covering it with a net to stop leaves clogging it up. 

3. Weeding
We know weeding isn't the best task, but getting this done at the beginning of the year will mean you won't have a mammoth task when the weather warms up. Remember if you need help with garden maintenance, get in touch with the team here. 

4. Clear out your garden
Make sure all the plant beds are clear of all dead foliage and dead stems. Clearing out your plants and trees will prevent rot from spreading and growing. 

5. Protect Young Trees
Young plants require you to nurture and care for them as they grow, especially when the weather becomes bitter and cold. You can try using defences such as fleece, straw, bracken and hessian, held in place by a wire netting structure. If you are growing the tree in pots, try moving them inside to protect them. Make sure you research the plants in your garden to see what their individual needs are to make sure they survive the winter months. 

Our team can help get your garden clear for the winter months, offering services such as grass cutting, pruning, lawn treatment, rubbish removal, tree/hedge removal and weeding. 

To get a complimentary, no-obligation quote for garden clearance in Essex and surrounding areas, contact us.