Trees are beautiful and a great way to add a natural an aesthetically appealing look to your outdoor space. They are also beneficial to provide shade from the sun during the scorching summer. It's important to think long and carefully before cutting down a tree, however, be aware of signs that indicate a need to cut down your tree before it poses a danger to your property.

Invasive Roots
If your tree has roots that grow vertically or horizontally into the ground, it can be damaging for your property. If the roots develop in your pipes and sewer system, it may cause blockages and other disasters. These kinds of trees can be damaging, so it is worth thinking about cutting the tree down.

Branches overhanging on your house
One clear sign that a tree needs removing is if the branches hang over your house. During windy or stormy weather these branches can easily fall and damage your property. 

Fungus Growth
Mushrooms growing around the base of a tree can indicate an unhealthy tree. If the tree has extensive fungus growth, the best decision may be to remove the tree. It can potentially cause damage to your property. 

Diseased Tree
If your tree has a sign of discoloured leaves, lacks veins or has the appearance of odd nodules, can all be signs of a diseased tree. 
Diseases reduce the visual appeal and weaken trees, making it prone to falling down. It is wise to get the tree removed before it can cause damage to your home. 

Tree Location
Access, where your tree, is in your garden and access how close it is to your home. If the tree blocks the sun from reaching a portion of your home, the inside of your home may develop mould, which can be costly to fix. 

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